The 6-roller precision malt mill

The 6-roller mill is a flexible grist mill for dry or conditioned malt and unmalted grain. It has a low energy consumption, is equipped with an automatic roller gap adjuster thereby increasing brewhouse yields.

The optimized horizontal principle of “grinding-grinding-sifting-grinding” produces an accurate separation of husk, grist and flour. This exact separation, along with obtaining the husk and the optimal grinding, shorten the lautering times. 

The efficient direct drive leads to a substantial reduction in energy consumption compared to conventional dry grist milling. The elimination of transmission and V-belts also reduces the need for maintenance and increases plant availability. 

Uncomplicated access to the machinery makes changing rolls and sieves fast and cleaning easy. Plus, by sampling after every grinding passage, the quality can be accurately and reliably controlled.

2-Roller Precision Malt Mill
4-Roller Precision Malt Mill