Classic Mill - series x.2D

The hammer mill series x.2D is a 3.000 rpm mill which is designed to support almost any demand in the brewery segment. In over 100 breweries throughout the globe this mill type is a stable and reliable backbone in brew house raw material supply.

The mills are standard equipped with feeder for mill load control, expansion bin with grist extraction system, manual sampling unit and filter/ventilator. Explosion venting and barriers at inlet and outlet support full ATEX compliance.

Classic Mill 1.2D

5.2 T/hr

Maximum capacity: 5.2 T/Hr
Standard: 37 kW = 5.0 T/hr malt
Range: 22 – 55 kW
(All figures by approximation)

Classic Mill 2.2D

8.4 T/hr

Maximum capacity: 8.4 T/Hr
Standard: 55 kW = 6.9 T/hr malt
Range: 37 – 90 kW
(All figures by approximation)

Classic Mill 3.2D

13.0 T/hr

Maximum capacity: 13.0 T/Hr
Standard: 90 kW = 11.6 T/hr malt
Range: 75 – 160 kW
(All figures by approximation)

Classic Mill 4.2D

20.0 T/hr

Maximum capacity: 20.0 T/Hr
Standard: 135 kW = 19.6 T/hr malt
Range: 110 – 275 kW
(All figures by approximation)

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