About Us

Asnong Brewery Services specialises in raw material handling and fine milling technology for the brewing industry.

In 2011 we originated from Asnong BVBA in Belgium to focus on the market demand for international brewery projects and services. Asnong Belgium had produced hammer mills for over 70 years and remains our main manufacturing plant and service station for domestic and European market.

The advantage of being specialized and small in terms of size is that we are fast, flexible, have a no-nonsense mentality and are able to deliver customized and innovative solutions at high quality standards against good prices. Our business system consists of a considerable group of independent, mostly midsized and highly agile suppliers, which strengthen our ability to realise considerable projects. That is what we love doing and are good at.

Our main focus is to support the brewery and distillery market to achieve the best brew house performance and extraction efficiency based on their raw materials. We are committed to improving your business effectively with elegant and modern solutions as we have already done for many customers around the globe.

Our Vision

We believe in simple, straight-forward and highly effective solutions. That is why we offer and implement smart concepts and not just ‘what everybody else offers’.
Our approach aims on optimization of the entire life cycle, economically and technically, even if not explicitly demanded by our customer. We strive to deliver best value for money.

We have fun in what we do. It is our drive to exceed our customer’s expectation. We do this together through intensive cooperation with our highly committed and knowledgeable customers.

We love to be small, fast and flexible. We do what we say, we say what we do, with a no-nonsense mentality.

Meet The Team

These are the people behind Asnong Brewery Services