Raw Material Handling

We design, deliver and install raw material handling equipment for breweries and distilleries worldwide; malted barley mainstream as well as adjuncts milling. Unmalted abrasive adjuncts also perform outstanding on our mills.

Hammer Mills

We at Asnong are fine milling specialists. Our hammer mills are the backbone in hundreds of breweries across the globe. Our original hammer mills perform so well that they even have been copied by others.

Brew House Services

Brew house optimization, ATEX, modernizing, spare parts and service licence agreements. We are pleased to maintain your raw material handling to keep it problem free to assure you of the highest possible up-time.

It all begins with your raw material. Request Asnong to optimize your brew house performance.

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Our Partners

Cottingham Technical Services

CTS is our representative and partner for the UK and Ireland market. inquiries, spare parts, as well as new projects are treated in close corporation with CTS.

Asnong BVBA

Asnong BVBA is our sister company in Belgium and has extensive experience in manufacturing our hammer mills. It is our service point for European brewery support.

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